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The Email communication module is used to send out emails.


Some of the features include:


Supports 3 different methods of sending mails - PHP mail function, sendmail executable or SMTP connection.
Add Cc and Bcc recipients on each mail.
Send mails to customers, admin, admin groups and even to specific email addresses.
Send mails with HTML body, plain text body or both


This chapter contains the following sections:


Email Configuration: Configuration options that affect the entire Email module.
Email Templates: The templates using which the actual mails will be sent.
Email Notifications: Pending Email notifications.



Configuring the Email module typically involves the following steps. You can leave out ones that don't apply in your case:


1.Configure the method of sending the email in Configuration > Email > Configuration
2.Setup the required templates for the emails iyou would like to send and enable them in Configuration > Email > Templates


When recurring emails are to be sent, you can view details like the last notification time, next notification time, etc in Management > Email Notifications