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Order Addon Groups

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The Order Addon Group window is used to configure which addons show up in the order form under each addon group. Each package is linked to an addon group. This window links the addon group with the actual addons. A screenshot of the window is shown below:


cool wave order addon groups.zoom25
Order Addon Groups


The screenshot shows two addon groups configured - Low End Group and High End Group. In this example, the FTP Accounts and MySQL Databases addons are shown for packages that use the Low End Group as well as the High End Group. The Parked Domains addon is shown only for packages that use the High End Group. Further, the addons will appear in the order form in the same order they are displayed in the screenshot.


The New Group button is used to create a new addon group. An addon group can be dragged to the trash can on the top right to delete it.


The following screenshot shows the Addon Domains addon being dragged to be inserted after the Parked Domains addon under the High End Group :


cool wave order addon groups drag drop.zoom25
Order Addon Groups Drag Drop


Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, click on the Save Changes button to save your changes to the server.You can use the Discard Changes button to reload the window with the current data on the server.