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The Order module accepts domain and web hosting orders from new and existing customers.


Some of the features include:


Domain availability check for new domain name registrations.
Select which domain and hosting packages show up in the order form.
Arrange web hosting packages into package groups.
Select which addons show up for each addon group


This chapter contains the following sections:


Order Configuration: Configuration options that affect the entire Order module.
Order Domain Registration Packages: Select which domain registration packages to show in the order form.
Order Domain Transfer Packages: Select which domain transfer packages to show in the order form.
Order Addon Groups: Configure addon groups and the addons under them.
Order Hosting Package Groups: Configure package groups and the packages under them.



Configuring the Order module typically involves the following steps. You can leave out ones that don't apply in your case:


1.Setup the URL for the terms of service in Configuration > Order > Configuration.
2.Setup the domain registration packages in Configuration > Order > Domain Registration Packages.
3.Setup the domain transfer packages in Configuration > Order > Domain Transfer Packages.
4.Setup the addon groups and addons under them in Configuration > Order > Addon Groups.
5.Setup the package groups and packages under them in Configuration > Order > Hosting Package Groups.


The URL for the order form is the URL to the billing system followed by /index.php?op=order . For example, if you use the URL to access the admin area, you can access the order form at .