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General configuration

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If you are not familiar with table windows, please read Working with table windows first.


The General configuration window lets the admin configure settings that affect the entire billing system. This window has two columns - Config Name and Config Value. All the cells under Config Name are informational and all the cells under Config Value are editable. The following is a description of each row:


System Status

The status of the billing system. Valid values are active and down for maintenance. When the status is set to down for maintenance, customers  are not allowed to login to the client area nor can they use the order form.The edit mode for this field is a dropdown list.

Down for Maintenance Message

When the billing system status is down for maintenance, this is the message shown to customers when they try to login to the customer area or view the order form. The edit mode for this field is a textbox.

License Key

This is the license key for PawBill. You can find this in your client area (TBD: check link). You will not usually need to change this, but it is editable if you need to. The edit mode for this field is a textbox.


The actual license for your installation of PawBill. This is updated automatically every now and then by the system and you will not usually need to change this. If you receive any warnings about the license, you can manually obtain the license from your client area (TBD: check link) and enter it here. The edit mode for this field is a textbox.

Currency Format

The format in which to display monetary data like prices of packages, amount of payment received, etc. The following panel shows up when editing this field:


Cool Wave Panel Currency Format


Currency Description is the general name of the currency. Examples: United States Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen

Currency Code is usually a three letter alphabetic code of the currency. Examples: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY

Currency Symbol is the symbol of the currency which is prefixed to the amount.Examples: $, €, £, ¥