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The Support module accepts support tickets from customers and allows admins to respond to them.


Some of the features include:


Allows you to accepts tickets from registered customers as well as unregistered visitors to your site.
Multiple departments each with their own settings.
Attach private notes visible only to admins.
Ability to close tickets automatically after a configurable number of days if they are in answered state.


This chapter contains the following sections:


Support Configuration: Configuration options that affect the entire Support module.
Support Departments: Configure support departments to which support tickets can be created.
Support Tickets: View and respond to support tickets submitted by customers.



Configuring the Support module typically involves the following steps. You can leave out ones that don't apply in your case:


1.Configure the support departments in Configuration > Support > Departments.
2.When a support ticket comes in, respond to it in Management > Support Tickets.