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Stored Encryption Key

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This feature allows you to store the encryption key in encrypted form in the config.php file. The advantages of doing this are as follows:


The customer's credit cards are encrypted using the key you configure in this window from when the customer enters their card details. You will not have to regularly convert the encryption type of the card details from Inter Key to a Custom Key.
You can enable a scheduled task that will charge the cards once a day automatically without requiring you to manually login and do a credit card capture.



Security considerations of Stored Encryption Key


We recommended that you do not use the stored encryption key feature unless you have taken all security precautions to ensure access to the config.php file that will contain the stored encryption key is restricted to authorized persons only.


hmtoggle_plus1 Configure Stored Encryption Key


Below is a screenshot of the Stored Encryption Key window:


cool wave stored encryption key.zoom25
Cool Wave Stored Encryption Key


Once you enter the encryption key you would like to use and click Go, a window like the one below will show up:


cool wave stored encryption key completed.zoom25
Cool Wave Stored Encryption Key


Simply follow the instructions on this page to finish configuring the Stored Encryption Key



hmtoggle_plus1 Charge cards automatically daily


If you would like to charge credit cards automatically once a day without manual intervention, you will need to enable the credit card capture task. Open the Task Scheduler window (under the Setup menu) and locate the task with the description "Charge credit cards of customers with pending invoices". Change the status for this task to Enabled and save the changes. You can also change the time at which the task runs in that window.


The Credit Card Configuration window contains an option named "Credit card capture when invoice due in (days)" which controls which invoices get charged each day. Configure the number of days before the due date of an invoice the customer's credit card should be charged.