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Manual Domains

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The Manual Domains module allows the customer to place orders for domain names which you will register, transfer and update manually.


Some of the features include:


Whois server configuration for each domain name to check domain availability in the order form.


This chapter contains the following sections:


Manual Domains Configuration: Configuration options that affect the entire Manual Domains module.
Manual Domains Domain Names: Create domain registration and transfer packages.
Manual Domains Whois Servers: Whois server configuration for each TLD or extension.
Manual Domains Accounts: All Manual Domain domain names in the system.



Configuring the Manual Domains module typically involves the following steps. You can leave out ones that don't apply in your case:


1.Use Configuration > eNom > Configuration to configure how many days before expiry of the domain name the invoice needs to be generated.
2.Use Configuration > eNom > Whois Servers to configure the whois servers for your TLD or domain name extension is it is not already configured.
3.Use Configuration > eNom > Domain Names to configure domain name packages for domain registration and domain transfer.


When a customer orders and pays for a domain name, it will show up in the Management > Manual Domains window. You can then manually register or transfer the domain name and modify the status, expiry date, etc of the account from this window.