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Logging in as a customer

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To login as a customer, you will require your admin username, your admin password and the username of the customer you would like to login as. Note that you do not require the customer's password, but you do require your admin password. You can use this method anywhere you are asked to use the customer's username and password - for example, to login to the user area, to place orders through the order form on the customer's behalf, etc.


You will have to use the username in the format admin username:customer username (that is, your admin username followed by colon followed by the customer's username) and use your admin password for the password field. Lets assume that your admin username is "owner", your admin password is "abcdefgh" and the customer's username is "joe". When asked to login, input the username as "owner:joe" and the password as your admin password "abcdefgh". This will authenticate you as the customer with the username joe and you can perform actions as if you were that customer.