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Google Checkout

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The Google Checkout module allows you to accept and process payments from the payment processor Google Checkout.


Some of the features include:


Ability to use one-time payments as well as recurring payments
Automatic notification of payments through notifications


This chapter contains the following sections:


Google Checkout Configuration: Configuration options that affect the entire Google Checkout module.
Google Checkout Payments: Payments received using Google Checkout.
Google Checkout Logs: Log of all notifications received from or sent to the Google Checkout servers.



Configuring the Google Checkout module typically involves the following steps. You can leave out ones that don't apply in your case:


1.Enter your Google Checkout merchant ID and Google Checkout merchant key in Configuration > Google Checkout. Also configure if the system should get subscription or one-time payments from customers.


When a customer makes a Google Checkout payment, it will show up in the Management > Google Checkout > Payments window along with the status of the payment.