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Admin area

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After logging into the admin area, you will be presented with an interface similar to the one below:


cool wave admin interface.zoom20
Cool Wave admin interface


The following are the components you will see:


Navigation Menu: Menu along the top that lets you open new windows in the current workspace
Workspace Area: New windows show up here when you click on items in the navigation menu
Slider: The slider on the right lets you add and rename workspaces as well as change the current workspace
Server Time: The current time on the server. Hover over it for more details


The interface menu shown below lets you customize the admin area to your linking


cool wave interface menu.zoom20
Cool Wave interface menu


The following are the interface menu items:


Cascade Windows: Cascades windows in the current workspace from top left to bottom right
Tile Windows: Tile windows in the current workspace so that they are all visible
Save Workspaces: Saves all workspaces so that they are restored on next login
Clear Saved Workspaces: Resets the workspace area with the default blank workspace
Audio Volume: Change the audio volume
Audio Files: Choose which sound to play on each event
Keyboard Shortcuts: Assign keyboard key combinations to open menu items
Refresh Menu: Reloads the menu
Date Format: Select the date format in which to display dates
Preferences: Miscellaneous configuration options